ProjectV - Dynamic 3D Environment

Overall design/goals of ProjectV:

  1. Local or Networkable connectivity
    1. Each client has its own server running at all times
      • Adds the ability to locally store private objects
      • Allows temporary local use
      • Allows peer to peer connectivity, allowing certain rules or laws to be bypassed, that might be on main server
    2. All area can be divided based on location
      • Allows the embedding of multiple servers into virtual worlds
      • Allows space to be owned by groups or avatars
  2. Dynamic object creation & manipulation
    1. By simply picking a tool and making the necessary adjustments
  3. Server environment
  4. Extendable through internal programming

Goals of ProjectV:

  1. Environment, easily modify objects, lookup information from the internet or any other medium
    1. Allow creation & modification of objects in 3D, by simply picking a tool and making the necessary adjustments
  2. Connect people into a multi-user environment, to chat, and share information
  3. Allow users to seperately manage private data regardless of network connection
  4. Create an easy to use, 3D graphical user interface, for users to navigate a virtual environment
    1. A spimple natural 3D environment such as a generic & customizable office for users to modify


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